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I need your help to tap into a new source!

I recently discovered that there is a treasure of data to be found on auction websites. Often, these websites contain valuable data for the VIN database and I would like to ask you for some help. If you happen to visit an auction website, please go have a look for Honda moped and motorcycle auctions that show:

  1. Year
  2. Frame number
  3. Engine number

Basically the engine number is less important than the year and frame number. These two I would like to know most of all and also where you got it from. So if you send me a message, please also include the source.

A good example is this here:

Thank you very much! :)

A very big thank you!


I would like to say a very big thank you to everyone who donated to the tipjar that funded the hosting year 2018-2019. Thanks to you, all this archive work stays affordable and it motivates me enormously to carry on with my efforts.

The bills have been all paid now and I hereby start the new tipjar for the period 2019-2020. Every cent in this tipjar is being used to pay for the hosting and everything extras goes to the domain names and acquisition of new material.

You made it happen. Thank you. <3

Cleanup in isle 4!

From today, a new registration policy will be used upon non-confirmed registrations. In order to download here, you need to register for free and confirm your email address by clicking a link. If you do not do this, your account will not be active and then you cannot download.

I have just removed 1041 accounts from my database that have not been activated. You will need to activate your account within a month, which is a very long grace time, and if you don't your account will be removed. If you have not received your activation link, you can send me a message and then I can fix that for you.

LT;DR: Register, activate within a month, profit.

Have a nice weekend and I hope you can find the information here that you are looking for!

And then the other fork seals exploded

I just finished replacing the fork seals of the second PC800 and now the seals of the first one literally just gave up. There was already a trace visible a few weeks ago, but it has gotten really bad now. My tyre was even wet!

photo 2019 05 23 14 04 10

So, I will carefully drive home at the end of the day and decommision it until the new seals and bearings arrive...