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Workshop, owner, setup and wiring diagrams for the Honda XRV650

Long looooooong overdue of processing it, here is the contribution of Driesman whom stuffed my mailbox with a pile of Honda XRV650 documention that I was still missing. Thank you very much!

Wiring schematic for Honda XRV650IT
Wiring schematic for Honda XRV650SW
Wiring schematic for Honda XRV650ED
Setup manual for Honda XRV650 (1988)
Owners manual for Honda XRV650 (1988)
Workshop manual for Honda XRV650 (1988-1989)
Parts list for Honda XRV650K
Wiring schematic for Honda XRV650G

New uploads!

Owner's manual for Honda CR125M Elsinore (1976)
Parts list for Honda MT250 Elsinore (1974)

Uploaded by Axle! Thank you very much!

Now working on the last uploads by Bill and then my backlog is almost gone! :D

The end of "Number One"

Every year I visit "my" wind tubine, named number one. It is basically my "do not disturb me, go ask your mom" place. Recently I noticed some activity around it and my fears came true when I saw the demolition work start. So that's the end of that. I'm half-ways sure that there will be no replacement because why else would you demolish the base as well.

Previous articles 1 and 2 where link one features our old VF700 Sabre

Good bye, number one. You will be truly missed.

photo 2019 08 04 15 40 32

photo 2019 08 04 15 40 33

photo 2019 08 04 15 40 34