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More Honda VIN data has been added!

The last VIN data of this batch has now been added. Today I have added the following models:

  • 7x CB750 (including 1969 Sand Cast models)
  • CB400
  • 2x CB350F
  • CB350
  • C90
  • CZ50

More soon and keep them coming, please!!

New VIN data has been added!

A very good friend of mine supplied me with an enourmous list of fresh and validated VIN numbers and I am currently processing it! So far I have added the following models:

  • Z50A
  • CB90
  • ST50
  • GL1000L
  • GL1200A
  • CD200
  • 3x CZ100
  • 2x Z50M
  • CB400F
  • GB500 (never heard of this model before!)
  • CR125M
  • CX500TC

Some numbers had to be checked against the HMIG and are corrected where needed. Also if the Honda has been sold, I have added the sales price to the VIN listing. Damn, it's good to have so much documentation. Later today I will answer more emails, but first I have to do a Father's day visit! :)

I need your help to tap into a new source!

I recently discovered that there is a treasure of data to be found on auction websites. Often, these websites contain valuable data for the VIN database and I would like to ask you for some help. If you happen to visit an auction website, please go have a look for Honda moped and motorcycle auctions that show:

  1. Year
  2. Frame number
  3. Engine number

Basically the engine number is less important than the year and frame number. These two I would like to know most of all and also where you got it from. So if you send me a message, please also include the source.

A good example is this here:

Thank you very much! :)